The first Image of The Black Hole in the Center of the Milky Way

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Reinhard Genzel und Andrea Ghez studied stellar motrions around tehj center of the Milky way for over 30 years. Their conclusion is clear: there must be a hidden Balck Hole with a Mass 4 million times that of the Sun. An organisational and scientific masterpiece for which they were awarded the 2020 Nobel prize.

We have made this Black Hole visible for the first time against the background of the hot swirling gas of the accretion disk. We showed our impressive image ato the public at a press conference (Live webcasting for the ESO-hosted EHT 2022 event | ESO) 12. Mai 2022

Our result, too, is based on decades of collaboration of hundreds of researchers from around the World. We had to make a network of radio telescopes spanning the Earth and working at the shortest possible wavelength. A challenge for our team, because the source is weak and also variable.

Thanks to all who supported us on our journey and never lost sight of our goal. I look forward to the next successes of the EHT Collaboration.

#OurBlackHole #SgrABlackHole